What was in my mind when I created this name: Buddha on PMS?

Well, possibly PMS.

Nah, just joking.

This title connects two aspects of this blog: becoming someone great, beautiful, good, positive. And being real, have flaws, be as disgusting as humans really are sometimes, do not close eyes, when something bad happens, but be honest and accepting the feelings. Whether it is hate, anger, fear, weakness, or even something good: tears of joy, happiness, love, caring, discovery, curiosity. PMS is not just about bad things. It’s everything that is bare emotions and experiences.

Another layer to that is woman’s perspective. Flawed perspective, affected by single layer of emotions. I am a pretty rational being or I would like to believe so. But I am shy and I am an introvert. This is my single layer. I don’t see the world from a social adventurous person perspective. But I see it as a shy person getting out there, fighting for his happiness and never accepting to live a life of unhappiness.

The best feeling I experienced so far is to inspire people. Be an example. Just like Buddha. Grow every day, lead myself and maybe become a mentor to somebody else who may read this pile of mostly random thoughts. I am a weird human being, just like everybody else, and this blog is a way to share myself, a way to learn and a way to get my thoughts together.


Let’s bring some personality in here. Who the hell is the author?

I have no idea. Nobody can pronounce my name correctly so I try not to use it. I am getting used to calling myself Eva now. I always wanted a name like that. International, yet pretty.

I am a traveler, writer, explorer, positive person. Also shy, insecure, introvert, homebody. We all have our goods and bads.

My greatest experience in Alaska… I will love that place till death.

And the rest you can learn by reading my blog or contacting me personally.

Stay positive, grow strong and peace ☮