I learned today

Things I learned today. #2

I am cleaning my head and cleaning my laptop which is the source of my stress and procrastination. Every day, I must delete 10 books or folders with audio recordings of a book, or whatever else I would think as equivalent. So I started reading more too. And here are things I learned:

  1. Someone got promoted and first thing you do is congratulate him or her. What is a second thing you say? Most people give answers: “You deserve it” or “I am very happy for you”. But what is the best thing you could say? It’s not even “How could I help you?” which could be easily seen as you trying to get onto his good side. You should ask: “What does it mean to you?”.
    And this is not really new to me. I often ask: “How do you feel about this?”. I learned it helps me to understand the person better. It’s simple empathy thing. It’s a very good thing to know and remember. And practice it.
  2. To clear my head I did a mind map. It really helps to put life into perspective. I woke up recently feeling that I want so much but I waste my days and life eating, reading about diets and watching TV shows. So I put all the stuff I want to do around the year 2017. Here’s how it looks:
    It’s pretty blurry picture, don’t try to read it. I read that it’s unhealthy for your goals to share them. It’s fake sense of accomplishment without actually doing anything. And again, there are businesses built on this loophole of people thinking that works wonderful. People never do anything, but always come back to you for more motivation and satisfaction. But the good thing is that this road-map is actually a map. A great map of things you want to do sooner rather than later. Maybe that’s why I started clearing up my laptop and reading more.
  3. When you end up in dull conversation about weather or traffic, ask this question: “What do you like most about __________?” (conference, your job, this food)
  4. People who are guarded put us on guard. Open up to make other person open. Make the first move.
  5. Want to be useful to other people but have nothing to offer? Make them feel good. People love to be around people who make them feel good.
  6. Winners and champions often visualize every second of their game, imagine all the moves, all opponent reactions, see winning and brushing their sweat off. They know they will win, they don’t hope or expect. Here’s something to learn. Practice and visualize before meeting, job, important event. I would like to incorporate that into my morning ritual. Wake up, stretch, take bawse posture, meditate a minute, say an affirmation and know that today I am a champion, I am a winner. Because usually I wake up with a dreading feeling: oh no, do I really want this job? I don’t want to go to this interview…. Or… One more job application task again… When will I get paid? Or… One more day on this diet-food routine… I am so exhausted ….Wake up happy and ready to conquer.

What do you think?

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