My diet is now killed

I am putting end to the bullshit of dieting. Why bullshit? Because they don’t build long term healthy lifestyle. They build long term diseases. Okay, let me elaborate on that.

Recently I went excited about Whole30 philosophy and when it very soon failed (because I am vegetarian and that diet is mainly vegetables and meat) I turned to “The 4 hour body”, about which I got a tip during my job interview. Both are created for meat eaters, but explanation and food choices greatly appealed to me: lots of protein, lots of veggies, healthy heart, healthy weight loss and extreme simplicity.

I quit milk for more than a month with the first moments of the detox diet I tried before these two. At the same time I quit breads, very soon oats, later – potatoes, rice, but started eating beans which is not allowed on Whole30, but very recommended on 4 hour body diet. I started eating huge amounts of eggs: 2 per day, which up till now was no more than 4 per week. Which is huge having in mind they are gross while raw and I must cook them very carefully to avoid any grossnesses. But I learned to make amazing scrambled eggs (just add some plain yogurt and wrap it in an iceberg lettuce). It is one of the best things I can make now. Anyway, I don’t think that much egg is good for the heart or the environment.

However, I did some research (1, 2, 3):

The science is clear that up to 3 whole eggs per day are perfectly safe for healthy people who are trying to stay healthy.

On the listed pages you can also see a trillion of benefits. So… Eggs isn’t so bad! But it’s not all. The worst thing is, I became extremely gassy. It seems I cannot be around people anymore and it’s just so uncomfortable when spending night at the boyfriend or with friends and stomach is just going crazy. Additionally, I added some yogurt into my meal plans for the feminine reasons (dah, girls know. Feminine health is more important than flat stomach. Trust me, your man will be more grossed out by sick vagina than by your round belly).

I strongly doubt yogurt reacted to my other stuff and made me feel so bloated all the time. The time at the restroom was also not that fun. I knew something was really off with my diet and added some rice or some potato for fiber which made things a bit better.

One reason so many people went crazy about 4 hour body diet is: it allows you to have one full cheat day a week. It means you go crazy on sugar or bread, or whatever you were denied during the week. At first it sounded like Christmas every week. But what happened to me… I was a very nice girl whole week and on my cheat day… I had no cravings! I didn’t want sugar, I didn’t want anything and felt sickish. But the book states: you must have a cheat day to keep the levels of metabolism. You can’t skip it. So later I bought a huge sugar desert and ate it all day. And then it was on. I was good for a day and a half, but cravings hit me again.

I am not a big sugar lover, but I would like to have my chocolate when I crave for chocolate (it’s 2 days before my period). The cheat day is going against my healthy lifestyle (for life!) idea. Everything in moderation. The book teaches no such thing. It teaches that we are weak food driven animals with no self control. Just put a bag of cookies and it will be gone. It will most likely be gone, but only because it is denied. Hearing “no” makes me want everything I can’t have. That’s how humans work from the early childhood. Whatever is hard to get, it means it’s really good and worth dying for it. If it’s easy accessible, then there must be something wrong with it. That’s how I hunt for an apartment right now. Guess what? No luck.

I believe in moderation and freedom of choice. World is full of amazing foods and treats, and you shouldn’t build borders all around it. Solve your issues with sport or meditation, keep yourself busy and excited rather than simply eat or create all sorts of diets! Sure it’s a wide area to make money in, because most people lost themselves in food and all this massive load of different theories. I am not perfect myself. When I am under stress, I get a bag of chips and finish them in one seating. I had 3 these past few days. I lost the shape of my leg muscles. I also chose watching TV shows and eating rather than solving what was making me nervous. That’s an issue and I shouldn’t treat mental problems with food.

I read an interesting thought recently… Why it is not okay to have cheat meals or indulge into something when it is a hard day and you need to unwind … with food:

“When this is the frame you put on your food choices, your designated “bad” foods become rewards because most of the time you are using willpower to resist them. Eating bad is a respite from being good, and who doesn’t deserve a break every now and then? Especially on a hard day. This frame also turns choosing your designated “good” foods into a chore, because it is no longer a choice you are making out of intrinsic motivation. Whenever you’re doing something “to be good” instead of “because I want to” it requires willpower. Research has shown that reframing things you naturally enjoy into things you are “supposed to do” undermines your natural feelings and causes you to actually like the thing less.” (article here)

I prefer building long term good habits, with occasional indulgence not because of the requirement or emotional state, but simply because I crave for that particular taste of food. Which is rare. Like cravings for French toasts or milk and cereal. But this is specific. Whatever happens on those hard days is just stuffing your hole with food. With time you relax, gather your energy… and feel too salty, constantly thirsty, fatter and a little bit guilty.

So, I tried dieting, I will keep eating my scrabled eggs with spinach and some beans, I will not eat fish (which I did for Whole30, because damn, nothing is allowed!), I will eat some soy and some Quorn meat. I learned to make some delicious food, but my entire purpose is to defeat emotional cravings which was not solved with dieting. Whole30 made me think way too much about food (there are way more important things in life) and 4 hour body somehow caused constant stinky farts and bubbling in the stomach, even if I wasn’t eating that many beans (1/5th of the can for breakfast). I also had an idea that gluten is against me. But I had bread and milk today for dinner and feel just fine. I will still be following my face for pimples, my stomach for bloating and gluten/dairy/carbs intake. I like that I have so much more regular energy when I don’t consume sugar or bread. I could have toasts for dinner. Hopefully that will help me fall asleep.







What do you think?

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